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Our Sodium Sulfate in animal feed: AdiSodium™

AdiSodium™ is feed material containing 32% Na and 22% sulphur. It provides a cost-effective solution for dietary electrolyte balance (DEB) in monogastric feeds and the supply of sulphur in an easily assimilated form to ruminant feeds.


By using AdiSodium™, our customer can:

  • improve the Na:Cl balance in monogastric feed, resulting in optimised body weight gain, feed intake and feed conversion
  • reduce urine pH and ammonia emissions in poultry and swine facilities, compared with sodium bicarbonate
  • improve the N:S balance in ruminant feed, resulting in optimised ruminal amino-acid synthesis.

1. AdiSodium for monogastric feed, a cost-effective source of chloride-free sodium

With 32% Na content, AdiSodium™ improves DEB (Dietary Electrolyte Balance = Na+K-Cl). The cost of sodium in the formula can be reduced by at least 30%.

Compared with sodium bicarbonate, AdiSodiumTM offers additional benefits for poultry litter pH values and ammonia emissions.

AdiSodiumTM also has the great benefit of limiting the dietary buffer effect in the upper digestive tract, compared to sodium bicarbonate, ensuring better protein digestibility and the increased efficacy of organic acid.

2. AdiSodium™ for ruminants – a safe source of bioavailable sulphur

With 22% sulphur content, AdiSodiumTM is also a safe source of sulphur to balance sulphur and nitrogen in the diet. Compared to elemental sulphur, AdiSodiumTM is much more bioavailable due to the sulphate form.


AdiSodium™ is dedicated to feed applications. It is a functional feed ingredient managed under Fami-QS certification. Adisseo has obtained the GMP+ certification. Focused on Quality Management (ISO 9001) and Risk Management (HACCP), GMP+ is a certification internationally recognized. AdiSodium™ is available in bulk, big bags and paper bags

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