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service e.lab by Adisseo

Feed and premix producers need to permanently control the physical and chemical quality of their products through physical and chemical analyses. This quality control is also applicable to feed additives, using specific methods developed by the producers requiring special procedures and equipment. For Adisseo products, such analyses can be carried out either locally with an approved laboratory or centrally in Carat (France) or CEAN (Brazil) for nutritional evaluation or technological tests.

E.lab is an interactive tool enabling customers to:

  • Post analytical requests and ship samples online with clear instructions. The Adisseo laboratory is immediately alerted and can organise the receipt of samples to prioritise the analyses requested
  • Follow the progress of the analyses in the laboratory and be informed when the analyses are completed
  • Download the certificate of analysis after approval, including the comments from the Adisseo Technical Managers.

This web service is very easy to use, reduces sample turnover time and facilitates communication between nutritionists, quality control managers and Adisseo specialists. It is available 24/7.


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Associated products

Rhodimet® is the methionine solution for monogastric animals. It enhances animal feed performance, leading to solid savings for the professionals, while remaining extremely safe and easy to use. Available in both solid (Rhodimet® NP99) and liquid (Rhodimet® AT88) forms Rhodimet® is suitable for a wide variety of customer needs.

Rovabio® is a range of enzyme preparations that improves the digestibility of raw materials from vegetal origin for animals, poultry and hogs. It improves animal performance and contributes to a better breeding environment. A multi-species, multi-ingredient and multi-application solution, Rovabio® appears to be the most versatile enzymatic product on the market.

Microvit® is a complete range of vitamins for the feed industry with consistently high quality and reliable supplies that meet the most stringent traceability conditions. With Microvit®, we provide our customers with not only a product, but also our expertise and innovations to help our strategic premix partners succeed in an increasingly demanding and challenging market.

Adisseo, the pioneer in the use of Methionine for dairy cows, and other ruminants, manufactures and markets the two premier Methonine products on the market, Smartamine M and MetaSmart. These nutrition solutions are key to Amino Acid Balancing in lactating dairy cow ration formulation.