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Several factors affect the chemical composition and, as a result, the nutritional value of feedstuffs: variations in plant genetics, environmental conditions during production, harvest and storage conditions, and more. Accordingly, the variable quality of raw materials is inevitable.

However, the use of imprecise data on feedstuffs is detrimental to animal production from a nutritional, economic and environmental perspective. In order to meet the nutritional requirements of livestock, ensure competitiveness despite the rising prices of agricultural raw materials and guarantee sustainable, environmentally friendly growth, it is necessary to have precise knowledge of feedstuff composition.

Precise Nutritional Evaluation (PNE) is a service offered by Adisseo and based on Near Infra Red spectroscopy (NIR) technology. NIR is a very convenient tool to assess the characteristics of feed ingredients. Adisseo has developed original proprietary calibrations based on in vivo data. Our technology is adapted to all main dietary ingredients (main grains and their by-products, oilseeds and their meal, and animal by-products). PNE is able to predict multiple characteristics affecting nutritional quality, such as crude protein, total and digestible amino acids, metabolisable energy for poultry, and total and phytic phosphorus.




The use of PNE services can reap several benefits and savings for animal feed producers, such as feed millers, premixers and integrators:

1. Better performance for accurate formulation

More precise formulation enables nutritionally adequate feed production and helps to secure the feed’s performance, which is crucial to maintain good animal performance. Moreover, better knowledge of the feed’s nutritional value reduces security margins in formulations and, accordingly, improve cost competitiveness.

2. Evaluate your supply and support purchase decision-making

PNE is a powerful tool to select and qualify suppliers. The increased knowledge can also lead to renegotiation with suppliers to get the best price-performance ratio for your purchases.

3. Deliver what you promise with quality control

PNE makes it easy to qualify the quality of ingredients entering the feed mill. Analyzing samples in real time facilitates the implementation of a quality control plan.
Our web-based service is available 24/7 and allows you to send scans of your raw materials, have immediate access to the results, and get access to our worldwide feedstuff database and analytical graphs and tools.



To offer its clients an even better service using digital technology, Adisseo has designed MyPNE, a decision-making tool that is an extension of the PNE platform. Click on the icon below to see the movie:


For more information, click here

Associated products

Rhodimet® is the methionine solution for monogastric animals. It enhances animal feed performance, leading to solid savings for the professionals, while remaining extremely safe and easy to use. Available in both solid (Rhodimet® NP99) and liquid (Rhodimet® AT88) forms Rhodimet® is suitable for a wide variety of customer needs.

Rovabio® is a range of enzyme preparations that improves the digestibility of raw materials from vegetal origin for animals, poultry and hogs. It improves animal performance and contributes to a better breeding environment. A multi-species, multi-ingredient and multi-application solution, Rovabio® appears to be the most versatile enzymatic product on the market.

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