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Rovabio® Advance, the only feedase

Thanks to a 10-year research program in bioengineering and animal nutrition, Adisseo has revolutionized feed digestibility with its new enzyme solution, Rovabio® Advance.

It is a feedase because it can improve the digestibility of all feed nutrients, including amino acids, phosphorus and calcium, whatever the type of diet.

To estimate and adapt the recommended nutritional matrix for Rovabio® Advance, we have created a tool, based on the composition of feeds and nutritional values of raw material in customers’ own feed conditions. This tool is Rovabio® Advance Predictor.


Arabinofuranosidases: the key debranching enzymes

Rovabio® Advance efficacy is explained by the unique presence of arabinofuranosidases (ABFs), a very important kind of debranching enzyme.

These enzymes work synergistically with xylanases to efficiently break down complex fiber structures in plant cell walls. By removing hampering branches from these fibers, these enzymes open room to allow the xylanases access to the backbone of the fiber chain, greatly boosting their efficacy.

In addition, there are two newly expressed kinds of xylanases (XynC, XynG) in Rovabio® Advance, as well as an increased presence of XynB and XynD compared to the former product, Rovabio® Excel.

This large range of xylanases in combination with ABFs explains the consistency of the results regardless of the feed composition.

A proven efficacy

Robust testing across a variety of diets shows that Rovabio® Advance provides improvement in the order of 3% in the overall digestibility of organic matter, supported by a higher digestive retention of starch, protein, and fat.

Thanks to the degradation of the cell wall of vegetable raw material, nutrients’ accessibility to endogenous enzymes is improved. Whatever the type of diet (wheat- or corn-based diets) or energy level of the diet, a consistent improvement of 3% AME, 3% dAA, and P and Ca availability has been proven.

Many trials evaluating the performance and carcass parameters of broilers based on reformulated diets for a reduction in nutrient level confirm that, with the addition of Rovabio® Advance, AME and dAA content in feed can be reduced by 3%, ensuring the same performance (FCR and BWG) compared with a positive control diet. Thus, Rovabio® Advance is the only feedase, the perfect combination of enzymes, to improve the availability of all nutrients of the feed, whatever the type of diet(see graphics).

Performance trials proving the potential of Rovabio® Advance to save 3% AME and dA

Advance BWG Graph



Advance FCR Graph

Rovabio® Advance delivers unmatched benefits

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With Rovapack, Adisseo helps its customers to maximize the advantages Rovabio offers and therefore benefit from this product's full potential. This assistance involves dedicated tools and methods, highly developed expertise in formulation and feed additives, and customised support and training provided by animal nutrition experts.

A precise way to estimate and adapt the recommended nutritional matrix for Rovabio® Advance, based on the composition of feeds and nutritional values of raw material in customers’ own feed conditions.


E.lab is a web service allowing customers to post analytical requests and clearly identify samples prior to shipping them to Adisseo laboratory. They can continuously monitor the status of their request (receipt of samples, analysis in progress, expected completion date, etc.) and directly access the final results.

Adisseo provides its customers with PNE, a unique service based on NIR technology to predict the nutritional quality of the raw materials used in feed. Adisseo is able to analyze all main dietary ingredients to predict in real time the multiple characteristics impacting nutritional quality, using a reliable system based on in vivo data.

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