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Methionine Topics discussed during recent Scientific events - 09/20/2019


  At ISEP (6th EAAP International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition) on 9-12th September, 2019, Dr Jaap van Milgen from INRA Rennes, presented the cost of conversion of L-methionine precursors. Learn more about the topic by reading the abstract.   Prof Ermias Kebreab from UC Davis (California, USA) presented at ModNut (9th […]

Research: Supplemental Methionine Supports Dairy Reproductive Performance - 09/18/2019


The reproductive efficiency of dairy cows is at the very heart of successful dairying. Timely calvings are critical to herd performance. The first-service conception rate of dairy cows was approximately 65 percent in 1951 but dropped to 40 percent by 1996. The decrease was widespread, having been documented in the United States, Ireland, United Kingdom, […]

Research: The role of methionine in dairy production: - 09/11/2019


Increased milk production, milk protein, and milkfat Extensive research during four decades shows that feeding supplemental, encapsulated methionine increases milk, milk protein, and milkfat. Precisely balancing amino acid levels in the ration allows nutritionists to economize the total protein level fed. In today’s dairy rations, methionine is typically the first limiting amino acid. Methionine is […]