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Adisseo awarded during the SPACE 2018 held in Rennes ( France) - 09/17/2018


  Alterion® is a complete probiotic solution for poultry specifically designed to help deliver consistency. Made from a unique spore forming Bacillus subtilis strain, Alterion® has an innovative formulation that ensures a hassle-free usage as well as an optimal activation in the small intestine. By acting positively on the gut microbiota, Alterion has a beneficial dual action on both performance and microbial […]

New concept promoted in protein nutrition - 08/22/2018


New research demonstrates non-essential amino acids have functional roles similar to essential amino acids.

Butterfat Drives Your Milk Price - 07/26/2018


Butter is back. Dairy fat has been given a clean bill of health in human diets, and milk fat has become the driver of profitability in milk checks in the United States. Maintaining butterfat levels year round is an achievable goal. Dr. David Atwell, Ruminant Technical Manager, Adisseo, shares insights on how to achieve and […]