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Supporting optimal duck performance - 02/18/2019


Article published in Poultry World, January 2019 ​New research studied the ways to improve duck productivity. Recent studies looked at the performance, feather growth and carcass traits of ducks fed diets supplemented with different levels of the two methionine sources. Body weight gain was similar for both sources and increased with dose. Along with feather, carcass and breast […]

Latest findings on enzymes efficacy in swine - 02/06/2019


Dr. Pierre Cozannet from Adisseo’s enzyme research team, presented our latest research during the French congress JRP. This new study investigated the effect of arabinoxylan content on feed digestibility with and without enzyme, in fattening pigs. The experimental design was based on 6 treatments consisting in 3 arabinoxylan levels and 2 levels of enzyme (with […]

Adisseo participation to VIV Asia 2019 - 02/01/2019


  ADISSEO & NUTRIAD together, will showcase their latest science and trial-proven solutions which address trending issues in the feed industry today such as— feed digestibility, feed quality and mycotoxin management, essential nutrients, palatability, gut health & immunity and animal product quality.   Highlights include: Methiopedia: The Technical Reference Book Of Methionine As a leader in methionine […]