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Adjusting methionine source and level to improve pork quality traits - 01/31/2019

Article published in International Pig Topics (credit Positive Action – http://www.positiveaction.info), January 2019, Volume 33 Number 8   Whilst methionine is already added to pig diets to facilitate growth, producers are not always aware of the extra benefits of feeding a specific source. Supplying methionine in the form of liquid OH-Methionine, at a level exceeding TSAA growth require-ments, has been shown to improve meat quality […]

OH-SeMet improves technological and nutritional egg properties - 01/30/2019

Published on International Poultry Production (Positive Action Publications Ltd) December 2018   World population is expected to grow by over a third, reaching over nine billion people in 2050, with the main consequence being that the world will have to produce 70% more food. Eggs, due to their low production costs and the absence of cultural […]

Bacillus subtilis for an improved microbiota - 01/28/2019

  December 2018 Managing gut health is key to allow poultry to express their full genetic potential. Any compromise to gut health has a negative effect on both overall health and bird performance. By Vincent Jacquier and  Damien Prévéraud, Adisseo