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With Rovabio® Excel, the enzyme from Adisseo, lactating sows loose less weight and less backfat - 09/10/2012


Weight and backfat losses, during lactation, are reduced when lactating sows receive a feed containing Rovabio Excel, a NSP enzyme developed by Adisseo. Six trials throughout  the world, concerning more than 500 sows, with different genetics, different feed compositions, various ages at weaning, prove that on average weight loss can be reduced during lactation by […]

Access to Precise Nutrition with NIR “in vivo” service of Adisseo - 08/06/2012


Precision laboratory testing is increasingly seen as a requisite in today’s feed formulating programmes. Confronted with high feed prices, producers are seeking to fine-tune diets and cut costs where possible. Precisely meeting nutrient requirements, however, is a difficult achievement as nutrient levels of feed ingredients can vary to various degrees and for a variety of […]

Adisseo Swine Conference focused on the interest of NSP enzymes for pigs - 07/27/2012


Before the “Journées de la Recherche Porcine”, Adisseo organized its first Swine Conference in Paris on February 6th. Over 50 nutritionists from Europe and Brazil attended the meeting. First, Pierre Cozannet, Adisseo Enzymes Research Manager, reminded the audience of the numerous effects of fibers on pig nutrition and, consequently, on performances: decrease of feed intake, […]