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Adisseo launches e-RNG 2.0, an interactive version of the Rhodimet® Nutrition Guide. - 11/25/2013


An electronic version of the Rhodimet® Nutrition Guide is now available for nutritionists worldwide. In July 2013, Adisseo published the new version of Rhodimet® Nutrition Guide, RNG, gathering the amino acid recommendations for poultry, swine and aquaculture. After a flip-chart version developed in August, e-RNG 2.0, the interactive version is now available on Personal Computer […]

The economic value of Rovabio® is all the greater as raw materials are more expensive - 06/04/2013


NSP Enzymes are known to increase the digestibility of raw materials for monogastrics, such rapeseed meals, DDGS…, offering an alternative to soyabean meals when prices shoot up and thus allowing to offset higher feedstuff costs. A study led by Adisseo shows that the economic interest of Rovabio®, the versatile enzyme, is all the greater as […]

Results of a survey on the nutritional value of soya bean and rapeseed meals and cereals for animal nutrition by Adisseo - 05/28/2013


  A survey on the nutritional value of soybean and rapeseed meals and wheat and corn for monogastric feeds has been conducted by Adisseo. Results show great variations in the nutrient value depending on year of harvest, cultivar, geographical origin, and processing conditions. The survey included analysis of the digestible amino acid and apparent metabolizable […]