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Results of a survey on the nutritional value of soya bean and rapeseed meals and cereals for animal nutrition by Adisseo - 05/28/2013


  A survey on the nutritional value of soybean and rapeseed meals and wheat and corn for monogastric feeds has been conducted by Adisseo. Results show great variations in the nutrient value depending on year of harvest, cultivar, geographical origin, and processing conditions. The survey included analysis of the digestible amino acid and apparent metabolizable […]

Improve health management of pigs by gaining homogeneity with a versatile enzyme - 05/22/2013


Recent trials confirm that the introduction of a versatile NSP (Non-Starch Polysaccharides) enzyme in pig diets, improves performance and homogeneity of animals from weaning to slaughter. This has a positive impact on health management by a reduction of re-allotting and increased clean downtime. The homogeneity within batches is not always measured and/or reported in trial reports […]

Adisseo is adding a new brand to its animal nutrition portfolio: AdiSodium™ - 05/13/2013


Since April 15th, Adisseo offers to its customers, AdiSodium™, a chloride free sodium sulphate, the cost effective source of a sodium without chloride for monogastrics and the safe source of sulphur for ruminants. AdiSodium™, with a 32 % Na, improves DEB (Dietary Electrolyte Balance = Na+K-Cl) with positive effects on poultry and swine performances, the […]