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Efficacy of Rovabio® Advance Phy - 02/27/2019


A new study carried out by Adisseo’s enzyme research team shows that Rovabio® Advance Phy can compensate for high reductions in metabolizable energy and nutrients, whilst maintaining optimal levels of performance in broilers. Metabolizable energy (ME), digestible amino acids (dAA) and available phosphorus (avP) are the largest and most expensive components in broiler diets, considerable […]

Hydroxy-selenomethionine secures performance of broilers under heat stress - 02/21/2019


Dr. Michele De Marco, Global Scientific & Technical Manager at Adisseo, presented our latest research during the Australian Poultry Science Symposium (APSS). This new study investigated the effect of different selenium dietary sources on heat stress management, in finishing broilers. The experiment was designed in collaboration with the University of Ghent using a cyclic heat […]

Supporting optimal duck performance - 02/18/2019


Article published in Poultry World, January 2019 ​New research studied the ways to improve duck productivity. Recent studies looked at the performance, feather growth and carcass traits of ducks fed diets supplemented with different levels of the two methionine sources. Body weight gain was similar for both sources and increased with dose. Along with feather, carcass and breast […]