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Rhodimet® AT88 practical advantages

post1_campagne_techno_nodust No dust in your feedmill with Rhodimet® AT88

There is no inhalation of fine particles by workers, no risk of dust explosion and a better cleanliness.

post2_campagnetechno_min_handling Minimum handling with Rhodimet® AT88

Benefit from an automatic dosage of your methionine source in your feed mill and no more manual handling of product for each batch

post4_campagnetechno_convenientstorage Convenient storage with Rhodimet® AT88

IBCs can be stored inside or outside the warehouse to save space. There is no risk with pallets and broken bags

post3_camapgnetechno_optimum_quality Optimum feed quality with Rhodimet® AT88

Best-in-class liquid methionine equipment allow a high dosage accuracy and an excellent homogeneity level of Rhodimet® AT88 in feed. There is also no risk of demixing

post5_campagnetechno_nowastemanagement No cost for waste management with Rhodimet® AT88

Waste management is easy when using Rhodimet® AT88: Empty IBCs and drums can be collected by producers for free or can be sold.