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Presentation of the interest of Organic Acids in Feed

AcidSaver* is dedicated to nutritionists using Organic Acids in their formulation matrix. Rhodimet® AT88 being an organic acid, the tool  helps them to adjust the Organic Acids they use when they use Rhodimet® AT88.

This new tool is based on new method of acidity evaluation: ABC-4 method. This method gives a more precise value of acidity for a majority of additives currently used in feed formulation.

With the AcidSaver, you will be able to give an acid value to organic acids mixtures, give the possibility to use this acid value as a new matrix value and give the acid equivalence of Rhodimet® AT88.

Click here to download the AcidSaver tool.



How to install and use it?:

Once the zip file downloaded:

  • Unzip the file
  • Open your browser
  • Drag the “index.html” to your browser (Chrome or Mozilla)
  • The AcidSaver presentation start

*This product presentation has been developed to comply with United States of Americas laws. Legal status of our products may vary from country to country. Customers are invited to consider and assess compliance with local applicable regulations prior to use our products.