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Dairy Nutritionists to Focus on Functional amino acids at upcoming Adisseo Wine & Cheese Social - 06/07/2018


Alpharetta, GA (June 2018) Functional amino acids and the role of lysine and methionine in dairy cow metabolism will be the focus of Professor Guoyao Wu, Texas A&M, when he speaks at the Adisseo 2018 Wine and Cheese Social on Tuesday, June 26, at 6 p.m. at the Holiday Inn in Knoxville, TN. Dr. Wu […]

University of Idaho Students Applaud Weekend at Amino Acid University by Adisseo - 06/01/2018


  May, 2018 Recently more than 20 graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Idaho Department of Animal and Veterinary Science took a weekend-long dive into the science and application of amino acids in dairy rations.  Insights the students gained can further their careers in animal nutrition. The unique Amino Acid University was sponsored […]

Optimize dairy herd performance by balancing amino acid levels - 05/25/2018


  April, 25 2018 Some aspects of a dairy calf’s lifetime performance are affected by nutrition while in utero, and the nutrients present in the pre-birth environment can affect lifetime productivity and influence whether the calf becomes a good-performing or a bad-performing cow, according to University of Illinois professor Jim Drackley.