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From the feet up : Profits from probiotic - 03/01/2018


February 2018 By improving gut health, probiotics can reduce many of the causative factors of poor litter and pododermatitis.

INTERVIEW: Adisseo Pursues Research of Hydroxy-Selenomethionine Benefits - 02/28/2018


13 February 2018 – Selenium was discovered 200 years ago. Over the years, acquired knowledge and expertise have made this metalloid a recognized nutritional element for all animals and humans. Adisseo started working on selenium in 2008, and developed a new form of pure organic selenium: hydroxy-selenomethionine (OH-SeMet) in 2014, which company sells under the […]

Hydroxy-methionine: more than a methionine source - 02/23/2018


Hydroxy-methionine has added values and specificities compared to DL-methionine. Dr Yves Mercier is illustrating the advantage of hydroxy-methionine in heat stress conditions for broilers performance and Dr Dolores Batonon Alavo is presenting the positive effect of hydroxy-methionine on lactating sows with an enhanced milk quality available for suckling piglets.