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Shrimp nutrition: Organic selenium (hydroxy-selenomethionine) - 09/06/2017


By AQUA CULTURE Asia Pacific: Revisiting shrimp nutrition: Organic selenium (hydroxy-selenomethionine) This is a small and rewarding investment to improve stress resistance and maintain high levels of performance even during challenging conditions. By Martin Guerin Click on the icone below to access full article

Dr. Charles Hofacre Speaks About Antibiotic-Free Production at Adisseo Dinner during PSA - 08/16/2017


Dr. Charles Hofacre, President of the Southern Poultry Research Group, has an optimistic view of the industry’s transition to antibiotic-free production, stating “We’re going to find ways to be successful in this no antibiotics world.” He spoke to more than 50 attendees of an ….. To access the full article, click on the below icone: You […]

Innovation and biotechnology behind Rovabio® Advance - 07/12/2017


Dr. Aurélie Preynat and Mrs. Sofia Zenagui come back on the genesis of Rovabio® Advance project, and particularly on the main goals of this new product development. Dr Olivier Guais explains how the team found out new possibilities to increase further the overall digestibility of feed.