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Effect of sodium source without chloride - 12/21/2017


Poultry producers, who switch the source type of sodium for AdiSodiumTM, can make feed cost savings whilst optimizing performance. Some trials are discussed in the article you can access.                                                     […]

Vitamin E and Se: does 1+1 equal more than 2? - 12/14/2017


With the current global Vitamin E production issues, questions are raised to evaluate the possibility to achieve costs savings and optimize inclusion rate of Vitamin E in feed, especially by leveraging the anti-oxidative properties of organic Selenium as a supplement. Prof Peter Surai, a well-known expert on antioxidants, gives an independent opinion on this topic. […]

Methionine beyond protein synthesis in growing pigs - 12/07/2017


Underestimating the importance of methionine in swine nutrition can have a huge economic impact; DL-HMTBA has extra benefits for pigs in all growth phases.                                                               […]