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Are we (finally) ready to measure gut health in animals? - 05/22/2017


It seems that many biomarkers have been found that will make it possible to actually measure whether the animal has a healthy or an unhealthy intestinal system. Experts from around the world shared their thoughts on this at the Adisseo Advancia Academy in Barcelona. Click on the icone below to access the full article.  

Different methionine sources: Same broiler performance - 03/20/2017


When added to a basal methionine deficient diet and at the same equimolar level, three main sources of methionine all lead to the same growth performances of broilers. This was shown in some recent trials. Methionine is an essential amino acid for animals,because it cannot be produced by the animal itself. This amino acid is […]

Methionine’s Role in Animal Nutrition Extends ‘Beyond Building Blocks’ for Protein - 02/23/2017


Source: Feedinfo News Service (dated 18/01/2017) The Advancia Seminar seeks to advance understanding and promote sharing of knowledge concerning sulfur amino acid metabolism. In its most recent incarnation, researchers focused on the role of these substances in oxidative stress signaling, the immune system, gene expression, and even oxidation and meat quality. Indeed, as argued by […]