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Selenocysteine: The functional selenium - 01/09/2017


Commercial poultry production is associated with various stressors that can lead to a decrease of productive and reproductive performance in growing chickens, parent birds and commercial layers. Selenium plays a key role in protecting the animals from the negative effects of stress. By Peter Surai, FeedFood Ltd and Pierre-Andre Geraert, Adisseo France SAS Click on the […]

Benefits of extra liquid methionine for sows and piglets - 12/19/2016


Liquid methionine added to diets for lactating sows leads to both more fat and lactose concentration in the milk as well as a better gut absorption of nutrients in the suckling piglets’ guts. Jointly, these factors explain a higher piglet body weight before and after weaning.   By Dolores I. Batonon-Alavo (Amino Acids Experts) and Yves […]

Adisseo-Novozymes’ Alterion Probiotic Entering More Markets - 12/05/2016


Source: Feedinfo News Service (dated 28/11/2016)   Earlier this year Adisseo and Novozymes launched their newly developed probiotic for poultry, Alterion, on the U.S. market as well as in a number of countries in the Middle East and South East Asia. In recent months Adisseo, in partnership with Novozymes, has stepped up its focus on […]