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Our probiotic solution in animal feed: Alterion

Adisseo's Probiotic Solution

Alterion® is a complete probiotic solution for poultry specifically designed to help deliver consistency. Made from a unique spore forming Bacillus subtilis strain, Alterion® has an innovative formulation that ensures a hassle-free usage as well as an optimal activation in the small intestine. By acting positively on the gut microbiota,Alterion has a beneficial dual action on both performance and microbial balance.

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Probiotic solution: Alterion

Why using Alterion ?

During production, birds are regularly challenged by various stress factors including feed content or pathogens. By balancing gut microbiota Alterion will help the animals to perform optimally, even under challenged conditions, providing at the same time a protection against future intestinal disorders.


Alterion® is design to bring you consistency in every possible way. *Click on each item*.

Effective technical properties and dual action on performance and gut health

Alterion NE

Alterion® NE is the concentrated form of Alterion®. The product concentration is 1.1010 CFU/g. The recommended dosage is 10g/ton of feed treated for a final concentration of 1.108 CFU/kg in the feed.


Alterion® NE50

Alterion® NE is the diluted form of Alterion. The product concentration is 2.108 CFU/g. The recommended dosage is 500g/ton of feed treated for a final concentration of 1.108 CFU/kg in the feed.

The selection process for a consistent probiotic solution

The search for a unique strain with solid and reliable effects… Simply explained in images.

The lifecycle of Alterion®, from the feed to the animal

The journey of Alterion® from robust spores to beneficial vegetative cells

Our probiotic solution in animal feed: Alterion

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